Friday, 27 October 2017

Parent Child Report - SQL Developer

  1. To create a parent child report in SQL Developer Click on the View Menu and then Reports.

  2. Once reports is shown right click on User Defined Reports and select New

  3. Give the report a name and in the SQL box enter the sql for the parent report.

  4. Click Apply

  5. Go Back to reports and edit the report.

  6. Click on child reports and enter a name for the child report.

  7. On the tree on the left hand side, expand child reports and click on SQL Query.

  8. Enter the query for the child report.
    In this report the child report ties to the parent report via the deptno number.
    The deptno number of the parent report is referenced by :DEPTNO. The bind variable must be in upper case and must be prefixed with a colon.

  9. Save the report.

  10. Double click the report in the reports tree to run it.  When an entry in the parent report is selected the appropriate children in the child report are shown.

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