Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Customising an Apex url Example


When providing users with a link to your Apex application the url will typically look something like:


  • 44054 represents the application and 
  • 1 represents the page number.

Apex allows the customising of url's so they can appear more descriptive, such as:


  • MY_FIRST_APPLICATION is the name of the application and
  • MY_FIRST_PAGE is the name of the page.

Naming the application


To give an application a name:

Application Builder -> Edit the Application -> Shared Componments

On the right side of the page, in a box titled Application click Edit Definition.

On the resulting page change the Application Alias to the name you want.

Click Apply Changes

Now, the url

can be represented as

Changing the Page Name


Click on the page.

In tree mode, double click on Page name

In the Page Alias text box enter a page alias and then click Apply Changes.

Now the url can be specified as

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